In the past, traditional software companies produced programs that it placed on discs and sold to consumers who then installed the programs on their own machines. Software companies today operate on many different business models and provide a wide array of products and services. These include software license sales, maintenance services, subscription fees, and other support services. Companies are increasingly turning to software-as-a-service (a concept known as SaaS) where customers never possess or install the software. Instead, customers pay a subscription fee to access the software through the Internet on the provider’s server


ilhan would like to bring the latest software technology to our customer, who are not using any software module for their organization or system. And those companies who are already using any software module, we can suggest them or guide them to get more benefit and output from their existing software module by using our updated software.


We believe that, automation will not only save the money but also save the time, environment, resource, unauthorized access, any digital threat and will bring the maximum output by utilizing the system.


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